Search Engine Submission

HostingNtheUS automatically submits your website URL to all important search engines.
It has a huge advantage over other search engine submission sites!

Most search engines don't like submissions from automated submission tools. The reason for that is simple: the creators of most search engine submission software tools don't care about the specific rules of the search engines, and the creators just want to list as many engines as possible. In addition, the other tools access the search engine submission scripts directly without going to the website.

The result is that search engines receive a lot of spam from those submission tools. You can be sure that your submission will be ignored if the search engine finds out that you used such a tool to submit your site.

HostingNtheUS is different !

Get the same results as with manual submissions

With HostingNtheUS, you get the best possible results. HostingNtheUS doesn't try to trick search engines and IBP doesn't access submission scripts directly. HostingNtheUS submits your website just a like real person:

HostingNtheUS opens an invisible MS Internet Explorer window and goes to the search engine submission page.

HostingNtheUS automatically enters all required information in the right edit fields and clicks the Submit button for you.
That's exactly the same way a real person would submit a website to a search engine. The difference is that HostingNtheUS can visit many search engines at once and that you don't have to enter all data.

HostingNtheUS automates manual website submission.

One-Time Submission - For Those needing an initial submission only
Submission Report emailed upon completion



Monthly Submission - Reoccurring billing

This very important for most sites, especially sites that change their content often, want fresh search engine reviews of their content and want to insure listing stays current with changes.

Submission Report emailed upon completion



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